Happy 109th Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

In celebration of today
I'd like a moment just to say
But I cannot do this thing alone
And so my friend has come to shown
A marvelous day, one to declare
And with you all I'd like to share
He's not a cow or pig or deer
He's one that many have grown to fear
My friend, some say, is a such a beast
And yet he will not stay to feast
But rather come and say his due
And then be gone, and right on cue
So here is my friend, a majestic moose
Who's come to say "Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss".


Taylor Swift mash-up videos (and other shameless promotions)

I'm sure you've all seen a version or two of this video:

I decided that, following inspiration, I'd take a stab at it myself -- only with a different Taylor Swift song!

Why am I posting it here where I'm sure practically nobody reads anymore? For a couple reasons.

1) I really do want to start blogging again. Yes, I do realized I say this more times than not and never follow through. And there is a good chance that will happen again! But I'm going to try my best to stick to my promise, despite knowing that not doing so is a very real possibility.

2) Shamelessly, I'm promoting my own video with the hopes that it will go viral. I've never done that before, much less known anyone who has a viral video. But there isn't any harm in trying, right? So for those of you who still do read up on this, please... by all means... share the crap out of the video! Watch it once a day! Send it to your friends! Whatever it takes, let's make this happen! The share button is also embedded into the video for your convenience.

In lieu of updates, you're more than welcome to add me as a friend on Facebook (I do have a lot of funny posts that I do on my page) or become a subscriber on my YouTube channel where I'll hopefully find more things to upload! If there are any requests from anyone, leave me a comment or shoot me an email!


I just spent the last 3 hours perusing through old entries. Is this what Friday nights are going to consist of in my "adult" life? If so, I'm not so sure I won't be a loser.

Also, hi. It feels weird to post here again.

More of a rant than anything else

Can someone PLEASE tell me when being an idiot behind the wheel was okay? A driver almost hit me because I was LEGALLY exiting the highway as they were coming down the shoulder. This is why people who drive these days should be retested every couple of years. I can't find the fairness when someone's being pulled over for going 5 miles per hour over the speed limit when someone else gets away with reckless driving. Fucking assholes.

I had to refrain from following people to their destinations in order to give them a swift punch to the face.


I've been on hold with Comcast for an hour now. Each passing minute, I'm becoming more and more convinced that only one person works there. Seriously, how does it take this long??


X-posted to Facebook. Just because.

Little shit, like catching 12:34:56 on the clock, make me happiest. I miss feeling this way -- finding the most unimportant good things in life and putting them to good use to make myself happy. But I am starting to find the "little shit" in life to keep me trucking through my days.

I'm off to bed... way too tired to want to try and think of something pointless to write about just to take up space. Plus I have to wake up early-ish in the morning to wash my car of the sapgasm the tree overhead decided to spew all over it last night. Gah-ross.